Watch video on sites restricted outside the U.S.

There’s a lot of good and legal American sites that let you stream popular TV-series in high or HD quality. Unfortunately, many of them are not available outside the U.S. because of copyright restrictions or that the commercials that finances the video material isn’t customized to an audience outside the U.S.

But this doesn’t have to limit you from watching the latest episodes free and legally! Now you will learn how you which different programs can evade the restrictions and watch series such as South Park, Heroes, C.S.I., NCIS, Chuck and Ice road Truckers.

The time it can take to stream video may vary depending on the time of the day and which site you are watching on, but mostly it works great! These programs also let you visit blocked sites if you happen to be in China or in another place where blocking occurs. Unfortunately, these methods doesn’t work with Hulu any longer, as Hulu continuously blocks proxy adresses and other things these programs uses. To watch Hulu outside the U.S. you need access to an American proxy-server. (Read more)

Hotspot Shield logo
Hotspot Shield

1. Download Hotspot Shield from
2. Install the program and accept all the possible annoying pop-ups about access and such that your firewall and anti virus software may throw at you. 3. Start the program. A new tab opens up in your standard web browser with Hotspot Shield’s status.
4. Let Hotspot Shield search for new updates.
5. If you have visited one of the desired sites with video content earlier, you should delete your web browser’s cache and cookies to be safe.
6. Choose ”Connect” on the little shield-icon in your startbar or in the web browser in the Hotspot Shield tab.
7. If everything works as it should, you will now have an American IP-adress and can start watching TV-series!

Ultrasurf logo

1. Download Ultrasurf from and optionally, the  Add-on till Mozilla Firefox if you use that web browser2. Install Ultrasurf and unzip the Firefox Add-on if you have chosen to install that as well.
3. Start the Ultrasoft program and restart Firefox if you’re asked to do so. 4. If  everything works as it should, Ultrasurf will now have connected to one of three servers and  provided you with an American IP-adress.
5. If you use Firefox you must click on the Ultrasurf-icon down in the right corner to activate the add-on functionallity and receive an American IP-adress.

If you have successfully installed one of the programs you can now watch following:

Screenshot C.S.I. on

Programs: Full episodes of Numb3rs, C.S.I., C.S.I. Miami, C.S.I. N.Y., NCIS and more.
Picture quality: Very high, you can choose between high quality to HD 720p and 1080p!
Advertisement: A couple of times per episode, the level of disturbance vary.

Screenshot of South Park on

Programs: All full episodes of South Park ever done.
Picture quality: High, like on TV.
Advertisement: About three times per episode. Can be quite annoying if you watch several episodes when it’s often the same loops from the same companies many times in a row.

Screenshot of Heroes on

Programs: Full episodes of Heroes, 30 Rock, Cuck and more.
Picture quality: High, may vary after measured connection speed.
Advertisement: Boring ads you have to see before the actual episode starts, plus breaks a couple of times per episode where the level of disturbance vary.

Screenshot of Guns 'n Roses - November rain on

Programs: A gigantic library of new and old musicvideos from MTV’s archive. 
Picture quality: Depends on the video, but mostly OK.
Advertisement: No advertisement.

Screenshot of Ice road truckers on

Programs: Full episodes of Ice road truckers, Expedition Africa, That’s impossible and more.
Picture quality: High, but in a small window and with episodes chopped up in several segments.
Advertisement: No advertisement.

Screenshot of Man vs. wild on

Programs: Full episodes of Man vs. Wild, Verminators, The Colony and more.
Picture quality: High, as on TV.
Advertisement: A couple of times per episode where the level of disturbance vary.

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